Saved Life-40 Days for Life

Friends, this beautiful story about K choosing life yesterday has so many components. We asked both Mat and Maureen to write something as they both, while loving well together, also had one on one time with “k” so wanted to share how both shared about yesterday. First, so not too long, we are sharing Maureen’s and then next by later today or tomorrow will share Mat’s. Both are so rich with Jesus’ love in EVERY detail that we want to make sure you hear both of how they shared. K has a life long friend in Maureen now. Glory to God! What Maureen wrote below makes us rejoice  and cry and it is the same when you read Mat’s ….And Mat even had said, “This is why God sent them out in TWOs.” Love it! AMEN!  AND WE LOVE OUR PRC partners! 40 Days for Life 365 and prcs are SUCH a beautiful partnership bringing hope, help, compassion and glory to Messiah Jesus! See below. 

From Maureen (get out the kleenex and start praising God!)

“While standing in faith outside Planned Parenthood on a beautiful March morning, Mat and I were about to pack it in when we noticed a woman taking pictures of the PP building from the parking lot. We waved and she came right over to announce that she was a journalist doing a story on the fight surrounding abortion. She wanted to present both sides of the argument and was curious to know the reason we stand there holding signs and what we hope to accomplish. I tried to clearly give my stance while wrangling my almost 2 and 6 year old. Just prior a woman had come out of the clinic and had waved back at us before getting into her car. That’s an indication to me that the client may be willing to talk, so I was getting into position to pop a gift bag into her car at the stop sign. The reporter was following me and I mentioned this was the goal; to make contact with the community and let them know we love them and that there’re better options. 

At this point I was distracted by my toddler crying and the interview taking place, so I may have missed something. But I guess that gesture of the gift bag or our loving presence got that client to turn around, park, get out and talk to Mat. I was packing up the kids and tending to their needs when I realized she was making her decision for life and needed help. I gave Mama “K” a big hug and told her how powerful and courageous she was just to come over and speak with us. The journalist was present for the miraculous moment and even snapped a picture. I quickly offered to drive “K” over to First Care Woman’s and she jumped right in my van with my 2 littles. She was able to call over there and we alerted FCWC we were coming in hot from PP and they said they would see Mama “K” right away. 

Minutes later, the 4 of us bombarded the lobby at FCWC, they got her started on paperwork and I left my 6 year old with her so I could grab my toddlers shoes from the car. My heart and mind was still racing, but I knew this woman was out of harms way, so there was a sense of relief already. I had been in contact with Rachel Guy through text and she was right there to guide me through the next steps. So even I felt supported while offering what help I could.

My toddler was too wiggly for the lobby, so I stood outside with him. When it was time for Mama “K” to go back for her ultrasound they came out to let me know. My oldest, Tobias, didn’t want to leave her side. He had made a friend and wanted to make sure these doctors would be kind to her baby. I assured him this was just the first chapter in how we will show love to this sweet Mama. That we got her to the doctors that will help her and protect her baby. He was relieved and sat in the car so patiently while we waited. 

Mama “K” came around the corner with a smile and several ultrasound pictures along with a packet of info from FCWC. I offered to buy her lunch, but she said they gave her a bunch of snacks and drinks at the clinic. So I took the time on the drive back to PP to inform her of the network of people she has surrounding her now and that her family’s needs would be met because of this supportive ministry and their connections throughout her pregnancy. I also let her know that I would gladly come to sit with her, drop her a meal or answer her call in the middle of the night if she needed a friend. I tried to convey to her that we would be showing her lots of love, but in retrospect, I never actually prayed with her. I was gushing about God being behind it all on the way to the clinic. “K”said she knows God, so we will hopefully get lots of opportunities to affirm who she is in Christ directly through Scripture. We can pray that the Lord helps this family grow their faith and continues to do a mighty work in “K’s” life so she can undoubtedly credit God with the change of heart she had outside PP and the blessings that are to come. 

God was in control of this whole situation from start to finish. His timing with Mama “K” and the journalist. Having us stay because it’s so hard to leave that grassy patch empty when women are inside PP. And the calming power of the Holy Spirit over my boys, giving us a enough grace to catch this Mama and remove her from harms way and for keeping them patient while we waited outside FCWC. It was a whirlwind, but God had each of us faithfully playing our parts in this beautiful story He is writing. I am just so delighted to be a cog in the machine of this LIV ministry. May God have all the glory. 

With sincere gratitude, Maureen”

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